5 reasons why you should attend RTC this year

Every spring Romanian Testing Conference is the event that gathers hundreds of quality lovers, software testing enthusiasts, manual testers, automation experts, men, females, teenagers, companies, sponsors, people who want to learn more, hear more, interact more, all sharing a common passion – software testing.

Every spring we see new faces, we hear new stories, but we also see familiar faces that have been with us during the years.

And every spring we are so happy and grateful to have all these people joining us in creating the biggest software testing conference in Eastern Europe.

If you’re asking yourself what makes Romanian Testing Conference so special, you are in the right place.

Here are the top five reasons why quality lovers should attend Romanian Testing Conference 2019.

#1 International Networking

You can get direct access to our great speakers and get insights about their job, their experiences, their testing stories and why not, get inspired by their way of doing things.

We truly believe and encourage communication and the RTC event can be a good opportunity for everyone to speak with testing specialists across continents and make friends.

With more than 600 attendees expected this year, you can have excellent networking opportunities and gain visibility on what the others are working with.

#2 Unconf

Also, in 2019 we’re introducing Unconf, where you get the chance to have the ultimate “backstage experience” and be the one who drives the conversation.

Remember telling you about our belief in communication?

Oh well, at Unconf you have the spotlight. This workshop will take you on a journey, figuratively and literally, to help you understand how you can overcome your fears of sharing that story, experience, or idea with others.

#3 Top Notch Topics

Among all these, we’re discussing about  test automation, exploratory testing, web security, visual testing, blockchain, testing in AI, leadership and how to manage crisis situations and these are just a few of the topics we are preparing for 2019 edition.

#4 5 keynotes, 8 Workshops, 12 tutorials

In 2019, Romanian Testing Conference comes up with a big variety of workshops and tutorials. Attending one of these, puts you in the same room with industry leaders and gives you the chance to learn from them new skills, new techniques, new ways of thinking, gain proficiency and become better at solving various situations.

Oh, did I mention about having fun? 🙂

#5 Diversity

We fight for gender equality and diversity in our event that’s why our stage has no gender nor colour.

What’s more beautiful than having such an equilibrium between females and males participants: 👩‍💻👨‍💻44.3% females and 55.7% males?

A good measurement on how successful your event is, is to analyse the participant’s returning rate.

We are proud to have 48% rate of returning participants! So, if you plan to see your old friends testers, now is your time.

Did I say five reasons? Oh, there’s actually one more.

#6 Connected Events

We love to create new challenges and take each year a step forward and be better than we were the previous year. At RTC we keep the fire of curiosity, innovation and creativity always burning, that’s why each year we’re creating new concepts around our main event.

If in 2018 we introduced the XTesthaton, a unique concept in the testing community, which combines testing skills and unconventional situations, in 2019 Unconf is introduced. Also, before the main event in June, every two months we’re organising the RTC Meetup, where we are bringing the testing community together, share ideas and knowledge and offering a stage for new voices.

Is an event considered to be successful without the after party, some cocktails and good mood? We have it this year too! In the conference day, when the curtain falls, every participant is invited to the after party to continue chatting and enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere.

Hope to see you in June!

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